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I love to work with beads. Thousands of beads. For example, i am currently working on a custom order for a Christmas necklace based on a Russian Pattern. Yes, I make some necklaces from patterns I purchase, and  I also make beaded necklaces from my own patterns. The attached pictures show a combination of the totally different directions I take in beadwork. Doing beadwork is like meditating, it s relaxes the mind and spirit.

The orange and yellow beaded necklace shown features ladder, herringbone and picot stitch and is made from seed beads and vintage glass beads. The base is made of orange seed beads and accented by vintage orange and yellow glass beads. The orange beads really are oranges! The necklace is bright and summery. The toggle is sterling silver. It is 18 inches long, 1 ¼ inch wide and weighs approximately 3 ounces.

The Christmas Necklace is a work in progress. Remember each bead is the size of a large pin head.

Visit me at for many styles including kumihimo.

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