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Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows -Worlds largest

If you google “Tucson gem and mineral show”, you may stop at the website for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Show. This would be ok, but it does not cover one tenth, the total activity going on in Tucson. What you really need is a complete guide to the 2012 Arizona Gem and Mineral Shows.
And the title does not cover things like petrified wood, or giant fossils or liz Taylor quality jewels. If something comes out of the ground, it is for sale in Tucson. It is for sale in raw and finished form. You want gold nuggets, buy them from Russian traders. You want diamonds, how many, how big. No one can attend all the shows. You want a thousand geodes, no problem. You want a six foot high geode weighing tons, no problem.
In addition to selling everything that comes out of the earth, you get to meet people from the entire world. People from Kazakhstan, why they are just over at the next booth.  How big is this show?  Imagine fifty football  field size tents spread out all over the city. Imagine many of these tents filled  twenty feet high with goods. Imagine the outside of these booths filled with a state fairs worth of additional booths.  Did you say you want to pay cash, and you need change for $20,000. No problem.
Just remember, if it comes out of the earth, it is for sale.
In addition, there are hundreds of classes, and tools of all kind for sale.  I will be attending four or five classes taught by world leading experts. See the results of my work at

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