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Rosary with Small Beads

A Christmas Gift from an Uncle to his Niece

I was recently talking to a friend. He wanted to buy his niece a rosary for Christmas.  He wanted a rosary with magical small beads.  On my way home, I thought, I can make that for him. So I stayed up all night working on a rosary with small beads. I have made a lot of rosaries, but I have never made one with small beads. The small beads were a lot harder to work with then I had imagined. To me, working on a art piece or jewelry item is like Michelangelo working on the Pieta. There is beauty within, I must bring it forward.  When I  start working, I am in my loft, and the world around me stands still.  I believe the rosary I have created in this instance shows the love of a uncle for his young niece.
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