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tree of life


A year ago, congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Along with her, others were wounded and killed. At this time Tucson and the surrounding area are remembering the tragic events which occurred..Ms. Giffords called her events “Congress on your Corner”. She would setup a table. A few folding chairs were available for older people. Staff members were present.  As you approached, staff members would greet you and ask if you wanted to meet the congresswoman, or if you had a specific problem you needed help with. If you had a problem that you needed help with, the staff would have you fill out a form for followup with the appropriate staff expert at a later date. If you wanted, you could talk with the congresswoman, and take a picture with her. It was all very low key. Most people coming to the grocery store did not  realize the event was going on until they were near the entrance. I know how these events worked, because my husband was at the previous event at the same grocery store.  Since he was at the previous event, he wonders what he would have done if a gunman had appeared at the event he was at. We still pray for the people who were impacted by this tragedy.

I have made a tree of life necklace that I wear in remembrance.


signed Kathy


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