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One small part selling silver items

People who have never been to the event called the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show cannot possibly realize how big it is. For an overview go to this website.     There are over 50 different “shows”. Thousands and thousands of people come to town to visit.  People who own stores all over the world come to this show.  Last year I saw a doctor from Atlanta buy dinosaur for his office. The cost was $18,000. Within an hour that dinosaur was gone and another dinosaur fully erected was in his place. This weekend, I discovered a totally  disorganized “shop” selling beads. There were crates the size of washing machines filled with beads.  Nothing had prices on them.  The more you bought the cheaper the price for a single bag. There was staff to help you, but all prices were negotiated with the owner. People like me were buying small quantities, other were buying crates of things. Remember, there are shows all over Tucson. Typically they are in white tents and maybe a hundred or so tents the size of an average living room.  Other tents are the size of a football field and are subdivided into little shop areas within them.  Some shows will take over an entire motel. Each motel room has the furnished pushed to the back or stuffed in the bathroom. Then regular jewelry store cases are filled with exotic items.  Fossils, raw gold, jasper, diamonds, etc.. Some transactions are for a few dollars some are for tens of thousands of dollars.  You name it and the language is being spoken.  All the convention centers, large conference rooms all over town are filled with items. Some shows are exclusive by invitation only. Other shows are retail. Others are retail and wholesale.

Please visit me at Etsy to see what I make from the items I buy at the show.



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