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We have recently returned from Egypt. We had a great time. We visited the typical tourist sites. Museums, tombs, temples, and river cruise.  One of the things that impressed us was the vitality of the young people. At one temple, there were about six school tours. As with all young people they were filled with energy. One group of young people came up to us and talked to us in English. They wanted to practice there English.

Most of all they wanted their picture taken with there cell phones. We therefore  have many pictures of young people with cell phones.  We have included one picture of a young teenager with her cell phone.

Tourism is way down in Egypt, so now is a great time to visit. At the tombs, temples, and museums there is plenty of open space to really get lost in the moment. You feel like you were back in time to 3000 B.C.  We always felt safe (except for the vendors (humor)).  I would encourage people who have thought of going to Egypt to consider going now.

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