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Fermi Lab


Fermi Lab is/was the largest Physics lab dedicated to the exploration of particle physics.  It has recently been eclipsed by the Cern in Europe where they are looking for the Higgs Boson. From the ground, Fermi lab has distinctive building and Buffalo. Yes, near Chicago, Fermi lab has a prairie and in that Midwest Prairie, the Physics Lab  keep Buffalo.

On a recent trip to Chicago where we visited our grandchildren, we flew over Fermi lab. We took this picture of the tevetron from our plane. The tevetron is that big 4 1/2 mile circle you see.

The Tevatron, four miles in circumference is a particle accelerator. Its 1,000 superconducting magnets are cooled by liquid helium to -268 degrees C (-450 degrees F). Its low-temperature cooling system was the largest ever built when it was placed in operation in 1983. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has designated the Tevatron cryogenic system an International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. Alas, this is all coming to an end.

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