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Sonoran Hot Dog

A beautiful green necklace for ST. Patricks fans

Unusual Pendant and Clasp on A "ST. Patricks" necklace.
(Yes, I know St. Patricks day is long past, but think future)

Tucson had its first one hundred degree temperature, so we are starting to migrate indoors for the Summer. But one thing that will keep us going outside is our love of sonoran hot dogs sold from food trucks. To quote from the Tucson Citizen

“The basic make-up of a Sonoran hot dog is a bacon-wrapped hot dog shoved into a soft Mexican roll topped with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeno sauce, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.  They usually come with a roasted chili on the side – sometimes even with roasted green onions…. the roll is important for the true taste experience.  Usually it’s a Mexican bolillo roll (pronounced: bo lee yo roll), that is sometimes steamed to make it extra soft and fluffy or it’s toasted.  The roll is so soft and fluffy, sometimes they seem to go down like cotton candy.”

In Tucson, we have many food trucks. Sometimes it seems like every strip mall has a food truck selling Sonoran hot dogs. There are even food truck roundups, where 15-20 food trucks get together, a band is present, a few tables are set out, and you have an instant restaurant featuring not only Sonoran hot dogs, but crepes, fish, etc..

You may ask, what is the connection between food trucks, Sonoran hot dogs and Lucky Sammy Jewelry. Well there is no connection except our jewelry making can be put aside for a really good hot dog.  Maybe it inspires us to make unusual jewelry like this Kimihomo necklace with a beautiful pendant.  Visit LuckySammyJewelry for a wide variety of innovative earrings and necklaces. With first communion coming up, also consider a rosary.


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  1. I visit Tucson on business every now and then and always try to stop by El Guero Canelo for a Sonoran Dog. Now I’ll have to check out some food trucks.

    Thanks for sharing.

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