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We have a waterfall in our backyard. It is a man-made waterfall where the water comes out of the top of a five foot high rock which is about thirty inches in diameter. Next to the waterfall, we have a hummingbird feeder. Consequentially, we have hummingbirds all year long. They come either to the water or the feeder. We did not expect that woodpeckers would also be attracted to the hummingbird feeder. Our neighbor has garage doors that look like it is made from wood. In reality, it is  made from a foam product. The woodpeckers peck holes into his garage door. Even though we live in the middle of downtown Tucson and our townhouse borders a major street, we see a lot of wildlife. There is even a coyote which makes a regular visit to our street.  Occasionally we also see gambels quail, which for some unknown reason make you happy when you see them. It is similar to the feeling you get when you see a penguin, or baby chick.

As usual, this has little to do with Lucky Sammy Jewelry, but the wildlife is a wonderful distraction in amongst the hubbub of city living. Whether a birthday or anniversary is in your future please visit for wonderful gifts for women.

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