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Wedding Photos in front of La Casitia Del Sol

Wedding Photos in front of La Casitia Del Sol

We live on a back street in a fairly quiet neighborhood although we are surrounded by major streets, planes flying overhead, and passing trains. One of the features of our neighborhood is that some of the houses are very old and have unique exteriors.  For example, the bed and breakfast, La Casita Del Sol has a very Southwestern / Spanish entrance. It and the houses near it, are the backdrop for many wedding portraits.  On any given early evening you may see photographers taking pictures of families for a family portrait. You may also see young couples having their picture taken for an engagement picture. On Fridays and Saturdays, in the early evenings you will often see wedding parties being photographed.  The Tucson Museum of Art is just down the street.  They have art and photograph classes. You will often see these aspiring artists painting the La Casita Del Sol and its neighbors. When my mother was alive, we would have her stay at the La Casita. She enjoyed the privacy and ability to entertain in “her” little place while she visited.

The photo in this post was of one recent wedding party having their picture taken before their nuptials at the Z mansion. The picture is purposely blurry to provide privacy to the wedding party. The Z Mansion is also very close to our townhouse. We have been at the Z Mansion for music events. They are very nice and provide the neighborhood association with a place to meet monthly without charging a fee.

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