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Our townhouse is one of three units which were built in 2004.  It just so happens that all three units were purchased by women.  Many people see our units and think they are restored units.  We are surrounded by homes built over one hundred years ago and many of these homes have interesting tales relating to the early settlement of Tucson. Our area is the called the El Presidio Historic District.   So to keep up with the Jones, my husband has created this instant myth.

“Our townhouses were created to house the railroad workers after the Gadsden Purchase. Near it, was a store called The Country Store. It was owned by Antonio Saliveti. Antonio had three daughters but no sons. Since Antonio ran businesses and needed someone he could trust to run them, he trained his daughters to run his businesses. Each of the daughters were brilliant, and campaigned for womans rights before anyone else had even heard of woman’s rights.  Some people say incorrectly that because of them “On Nov. 5, 1912, an overwhelming 68 percent of the men voted in favor of women’s right to vote in Arizona. That was the largest winning margin of any women’s suffrage vote in the nation, Arizona State University adjunct history professor Heidi Osselaer told the Prescott College audience Friday. And it was eight years before all women in the country gained the right to vote. (source

The sisters worked and expanded the businesses, and contributed to many charitable causes.  When it came to men, they had many callers, but since the sisters were so successful, no man was their equal. So they remained unmarried.  But for all their many good qualities, the sisters became fierce business rivals.  It got to the point that they would not even speak to each other. They even hired Punkertan detectives to spy on each other. This made their mother sad, and their father angry.  He bought the house at the end of Court Ave and converted it into three townhouses and made each of the sisters move into a unit. He was hoping that living side by side would force the sisters to talk to each other. But alas, the three sisters remained business rivals until the end of their days. Each sister ran their businesses, but they only owned a third of their businesses. When their father died, he left  one third of all his businesses to each of his three daughters. They lived in the blue townhouses until the end of their days. Each a success, but they never talked to each other.  They grew so old that most people could not remember a time when they were not part of the Tucson establishment.  Then after the turn of the last century, their was an outbreak of Smallpox.  Each of the sisters died on the same day at the same hour.  After their death it was discovered that the sisters had been adopted by their parents. They were in fact the daughters of famous Indian chiefs who lived in the vicinity of Tucson.  These Indian chiefs had also all died on the same day at the same hour.  Some people say that every month, with the light of the full moon, each of the daughters can still be seen on their back porch making jewelry, which was the hobby of each.”

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