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The yellow color is similar to the yellow flowers on a Palo Verde tree.

Last week was free entry into the National Parks. We took this opportunity to visit Saquaro National Park West. There is an East park and a West park. The East park is on the East side of Tucson and the West park is naturally on the West side of Tucson. The west park has a lot more Saguaro cactus then the East park.  We went during the day and noticed that many of the different desert vegetation was in bloom. The Palo Verde tree has green bark and when it is in bloom it has yellow flowers.  We viewed the Palo Verde from atop a small mountain. It seemed like about one third of the desert floor was yellow.  You never really think about how many Palo Verde trees there are; but when you see them all in bloom, you are impressed by the sheer number of them.  Many other things were  in bloom. The prickly pear cactus all had yellow flowers on top of them. The ocotillo cactus was in bloom with red flowers on top. The Saguaro cactus also were blooming with there flowers on the very tip top of the cactus. I do not know why, but most desert things bloom on the very tip top. Of course it may have something to do with the fact that the rest of the plant is usually covered with needles.  As a side not, we hike in the desert, the needles seem to have an attraction for us.

It was a good day in the desert, the temperature was in the low eighties, there was a pleasant breeze and the colors were fantastic. As an aside, we were recently in the deserts in Egypt. Our desert has a lot of things growing. In Egypt, we did not see one thing growing.  The Egyptian desert had sand and more sand, and when that ran out, you had fine sand.

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