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A unigue Kumihimo necklace and pendant

Unique in the entire world three stranded Kumhimo necklace
Three strands make this a one of a kind necklace and pendant.
The pendant changes colors as it is viewed from different angles

We have two fruit bearing trees in our yard. The first, a fig tree is big and healthy. It supplies birds, beatles (no not the singers, the insect kind), and us with plenty of fruit. Our orange tree which we pamper to death, has never done anything. We have now been waiting years for the orange tree to do something. This year, we saw flowers and thought that maybe this would be the year for fruit. So far the leaves on the orange tree are green, but that is it. Meanwhile, the fig tree, which we never do anything for, keeps getting bigger and bigger. It reminds us of our tomato experiment. For some reason, we cannot grow tomatoes. We pamper them, feed them exotic fertilizers, and all we get are a couple of  green tomatoes which usually are eaten by insects before we get to them. I do not know what this says about us as gardeners, except that maybe we should stick to jewelry making at


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