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Sparkling Necklace

Understated Necklace with Sparkle

We probably have over one hundred web pages bookmarked that deal with jewelry photography. Many of the necklaces, and earrings we make look different in different lighting.  A couple of days ago we were photographing a kumihimo bead necklace that looked gray in early morning light and it looked light beige in the bright sunlight. Then in the darker light, it looked almost brown.  In these cases we attempt to consider where is it most likely to be worn.  If we think it would be worn at night, then we would favor the nighttime color. Often, we will attempt to show an item in different lighting situations.  Then again one picture will have many looks on different computer monitors. We have three computers,each with different monitors. At times, we will compare the item on the different monitors to see which will represent the most likely color. You also have to consider how people are looking at their monitor. Desktop monitors are viewed at eye level. Many people look down at the monitor when using a laptop.  How you look at the monitor impacts the colors you see.

Today for example, we were photographing a necklace that has a sparkle to it.  If you look at the necklace straight on, you will not see the sparkle. If you look at it off-center, you immediately see the sparkle. Online most people will first see the item as a small picture. How do you grab a persons interest without betraying the real color, clarity, character and charm  of the piece.

Please remember that we at LuckSammyJewelry try to portray items as you would see them in use.


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