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Many First Communion’s occur on Mother’s day. If you are still looking for a gift to give to someone consider a rosary.  The rosaries I make will last a life time.  If you are not Catholic, and want a history of the rosary, I would suggest this wikipedia article.  Rosaries are great gifts to give a Catholic on their birthday, or First Communion.  These rosaries are not “blessed”.  So if you give these as a gift, it would be appropriate to mention that they are not blessed.

For the Catholic who has everything, and who probably has a rosary, consider a rosary bracelet. Most Catholics do not have these economical items. They can be found at my shop here.

For a really unique Christian gift, consider this necklace that has a pendant watch with the picture of Jesus.  For people with a devotion to the Virgin Mary this necklace with a timepiece cover of the Virgin Mary may be appropriate.

Typically, a rosary is “blessed” by a priest.  So why do Catholics get a rosary “blessed”?  A quick answer is: sometimes a holy man (priest) will give you a blessing,  which is  a prayer to God for you. If a rosary is “blessed”, and you say the rosary, you get the “blessing”  each time you say the rosary. It is as if the priest was giving you a blessing each time you use the rosary. If you think about it, “blessings” are fairly common. Prayers before meals, the beginnings of sessions of congress, and many civic gatherings often begin with a blessing from a priest, minister, rabbi, etc.  These are blessings asking God to help.  Many religions use prayer beads, among them are Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.  To view all the rosaries i have for sale go here.

The following is a description of one of the rosaries available at LuckySammy.Etsy.Com and the rosary pictured at the beginning of this article.

Lovely faceted baby blue glass beads combine with a crucifix and center cast in Italy to make this beautiful rosary. The center has an image of the Holy Family on the front and the Holy Spirit Dove along with images of clouds and fire on the back. This Dominican rosary has five decades, is 42 inches long and weighs approximately 2¾ ounces. As you view each image, double click on it when it is in the main viewing window. You will be amazed at the detail.

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