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Turquoise Donut Earrings
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Dunkin Donuts

I try to make unique gifts.  Many of my necklaces, bracelets, etc. are designed from patterns which occur in foreign language publications and from the classes I attend. I am listing items that I have made for Thirty dollars or less. I have also included  vintage items.   I hope this provides you with an opportunity to enjoy unique items at an affordable price.

All my earrings are thirty dollars of less. So please take a look at them. Earrings are here.

Most of my Timepiece Necklaces are thirty dollars or less. They can be found here.

About one third of my bracelets are priced thirty dollars or less. They are here.

Some of my vintage collectables are fun and under twenty dollars. Please look here.

Every vintage pottery item is very reasonably priced. You may find them here.

For Catholics, I have a series of Rosary Bracelets.  Please look here at these items.


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