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I am Back!

Some people have been wondering where I have been. I have not posted in a long time.

Earlier this year, I fell down and broke bones in my hand. I had surgery and developed complicating which I still experience.

One of my complications was RSD. Never heard of it? Either did I. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), RSD is “a chronic pain condition that is believed to be the result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems.” According to MedicineNet, RSD involves “irritation and abnormal excitation of nervous tissue, leading to abnormal impulses along nerves that affect blood vessels and skin.”  Translated to English this means, touch my hand, I get severe pain.  Even blow on my hand, and I am in trouble. It is a lot less severe, but I am still dealing with it. After many x-rays and cat-scans they also discovered another broken bone. Did you know finding broken bones in the hand is an art, not a science?
But, I am back, still walking, and talking, and making jewelry.


Kumihimo necklace.

I am having a sale at my ETSY jewelry shop LUCKYSAMMY.ETSY.COM. Enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2012 at checkout for a 25% discount  on all merchandise until 1 December.



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