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Japanese Garden

One of the many plants in the Yume Garden

One of the many plants in the Yume Garden

Tucson now has a Japanese Garden.  Today was opening day.  It was a very relaxing experience. We talked to the lady who developed it. It is her design. She said it was an interesting experience in conveying  her vision to the landscapers. She explained that every plant, rock, etc. has a face and they need to be presented correctly. Irregular stones had to be placed in extremely straight lines. She said it was a learning experience for her and the landscapers. It has taken years to translate her dream into reality.  The garden is a very peaceful oasis in a busy urban neighborhood.  Please visit Yume Japanese Garden    Yume is Japanese for Dream. Befort that we had a relaxing lunch at Ghinis French Restaurant with out of town friends.  As always thanks for visiting LuckySammyJewelry (Sammy the cat has a new rug to rule from. It needs to be placed in the middle of the room. It will not do if it is in the corner of the room.)


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