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As a result of my hand accident last Summer, I have had a lot of pain in the hand.  To treat it, I have been going to physical therapy and to a Medical Doctor for acupuncture.  The doctor is originally from China and her family have been doctors and acupuncturists for centuries. Currently, the doctor, a woman, has been doing research with acupuncture to treat Parkinson’s disease.  She is encouraged with the results.  A typical treatment for my symptoms includes needles in the head, several needles in each ear, in the arm and needles in between the knuckles in my hand.  The needles in my hand are about two inches long.  None of this hurts.  Once, I was having sinus problems. The doctor stuck a needle down my nose. (it did not hurt).   For me acupuncture works.  To bad insurance does not cover it.


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