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You do not have to be a child to enjoy miniature. Ten years ago, I admired a dollhouse church a friend of mine had when I lived in Texas. It was made by her father. For Christmas, my friend had her father make me a similar church.  I have carefully taken care of the church ever since and it is part of our Christmas tradition.  You can see the detail in the photographs. It was a labor of love. Each year, I individually unwrap each one of my ornaments.  I then remember were I received it and who gave it to me.  As we put every item away, I individually wrap them and store them in special boxes. My husband would throw them unwrapped in a box and toss them on a shelf. Naturally, he is only allowed to remove them gently from the tree and place them on the coffee table where I wrap them and store them in the appropriate box. I treasure each and every one, from the simple crocheted ones my mother made to elaborate imported ornaments.  (note: yes, that is a clock on the front and the light is on inside the church).


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