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Genomics- Genetics and DNAWhat does genomics have to do with making and designing jewelry? Answer: Nothing. But every year the University of Arizona college of science offers a free series of lectures. Local citizens pack one of the largest auditoriums in Tucson for this series of six lectures. (Centennial Hall).  Every year we go and come away astounded by two facts. 1st: there are thousands of people who like to keep abreast of scientific knowledge. 2nd: the lecturers do not dumb down their talk.  For a solid hour, you cannot let your mind wander for a second, or you will miss something and then run the risk of not being able to catch up.  This year the lectures are on Genomics. Last night, they explained that we have 21,000 genes. This is substantially less than some simple organisms that have over 50,000 genes.  You can throw away a lot of genes and it is likely that nothing bad will happen.  As you go through life, DNA replicates, errors are introduced for a variety of reasons (example your environment).  DNA is used to make proteins for cells.  etc. etc. Many charts were introduced and you had better pay attention.  and finally “Contrary to all other species that ever existed, therefore, we are increasingly putting our future as a species in our own hands.” It is a fascinating lecture, but if you want jewelry, visit LuckySammyJewelry.

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