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Loft CinemaThe Sundance Film Festival ‘USA’ came to Tucson last night.  The Sundance film festival USA is an outgrowth of the Sundance Film Festival. At nine cities theaters throughout the United States, films  are shown for one night.  The “USA”  label is an outreach to provide an even greater audience with the opportunity to see some of the independent films  that were shown in Utah.  To quote the Sundance program “Our hope is that this program will create one-of-a-kind film going experiences in communities nationwide, and also that it will shine light on art-house cinemas….”

Last night we watched “The Spectacular Now”  a coming of age movie set in a typical American High School environment.  Sutter is a high school senior, the life of the party. After a breakup, he is out to “save” Aimee, an introvert.  Sutter lives in the moment, but loses everything….and then ……..  After the movie, the director James Ponsoldt and one of the stars of the movie, Brie Larson held a question and answer session. These two down-to-earth people gave glimpses of their thoughts on making the movie. For example, the director likes to let his actors “enhance the white space around the written words” (paraphrase). I love film, both my husband and I enjoyed the film, the discussion and the ambiance.

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