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One of the Nine Stars that will be in the Necklace I am making

The last two weeks, I have been taking Jewelry classes at the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil show.  I attended the “Oh My Stars! Necklace” taught by Diane Fitzgerald.  To quote from her catalog “The Oh My Stars! Necklace sparkles and shimmers like stars in the night sky as it encircles your neckline. The concentric circles in each star give a shimmering holographic effect. The stars may be made all one size or graduated in three sizes for a longer look.” This is an intermediate class taught using the peyote stitch. The class was wonderful, and here is why it was so great.

Diane is an excellent teacher with a soft personality who makes you feel like you are with your best friend.  To quote one woman “The things I learned in the first hour are worth the price of the class”. Diane does not just teach a design and techniques, but every minute is filled with helpful hints.  For example, do you use a cigarette lighter in jewelry making? Do you know how to clean your Fireline? Well if you attend the class you will learn many excellent tips.  I would recommend Diane to anyone who wants to stretch their knowledge to the next level.

Thank you LuckySammyJewelry.


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