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If you were to walk down our street, you would see some dilapidated houses. These are all on the Historic Register.  So when you go to restore them the Tucson City Archeological Office get involved in what you are allowed or not allowed to do.  One of the houses down the street is being restored. That means making adobe bricks keeping the architectural elements as they were originally built. Take the floor. Many old houses had dirt floors. When it came time to make them better, people would place a long 2×4 or 2×6 in the dirt. they would then place the flooring boards on the “frame”. The walls are of course adobe. In this case, it is just dirt and water molded into bricks. Mud is used for mortar. To prevent the weather for washing away the bricks, they are covered with stucco. In this house, the old adobe bricks are mashed up and new bricks are made. The bricks are  easily made and are ready for use a couple of days after they dry in the sun. On this project a crew of men will work for over a year making the restoration complete. Outside of HouseDSCN0026Adobe home floor


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