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Sentinel Carriage Company

Sentinel Carriage Company in front of our home

Hot Dog Stand in our Driveway

Hot Dog Stand in our Driveway









Our neighbors had a graduation party. They rented a food truck which served hot dogs and tacos. They also rented the Sentinel Carriage Company to give neighborhood rides and a historical tour. We did not know that Meyer Ave, next to our house was once the street from the train depot to the center of downtown.  Many of the houses are on the National Register of Historic Places.

This reminds me of the unique   Kumihimo Lariat that I made.


Kumihimo is the Japanese form of braid making.
This necklace is fabulous! The large delica beads on the lariet are a beautiful gold color that reminds me of the gold of carnival glass. One hundred two lovely Unicorne borosilicate beads are braided onto the ends of this necklace. The necklace is 44 inches long. The findings are gold plated metal.
This pattern was created by Karen DeSousa and I have her permission to use it commercially. This necklace can be found for sale here:



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