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onstand2I made this piece when I was researching South American bead work, but it reminds me of when we were in San Miquel de Allende earlier this year. I took a week long kumihimo class. It was a great group of people in the class. They were from all over the United States. San Miquel is a quiet little place which is a great place to relax and see Mexico as it may have been two hundred years ago. We were there during the first week of Lent. (Lent is the 40 days Christians remember the death of Jesus). There were many ceremonies related to Lent. These ceremonies are for the local populace and are not oriented toward tourists. At the end of the week, there was a large ceremony where local early American dancing groups competed with and against each other in the town square. Once again this ceremony was oriented toward local people rather than tourists.  The American Library organizes house tours on Sunday for a vary reasonable price.  Each week there are different houses. We toured modernistic artists home high on the hill to small estates.  The town is hilly, so you take a taxi up hill and walk down. Taxis were reasonably priced and even when you paid to much, it was still reasonable. Since I was in class most of the day, my husband would go out “exploring”.  After class, we would then go out together to see the places my husband “discovered”.


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