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I photographed the wrong  side of this necklace. It is obvious what is the correct side. I must have been dreaming

I photographed the wrong side of this necklace. It is obvious what is the correct side. I must have been dreaming

This post is form the other, the spouse of the artisan. I take all the pictures that end up in ETSY. My first criteria is that I try to get the color correct. Sometimes this is very difficult. On kumihimo that has many different thread colors, one color will not standout as it does in real life. Multicolored stones are another problem.  It is difficult to get the pattern to show correctly. Aqua is always difficult to show as aqua. I am working on how to show it correctly. Typically, you do not need to worry to much about making an object three dimensional. Beads look like beads. But sometimes a necklace has life. It is thicker than a normal necklace, or the beads are really more three dimensional than they will show in a photograph. My camera is good, but not great. Then you always try to make sure that the first picture will grab a viewers interest. So most necklaces have a front view, a top down view, and a closeup view. I sometimes will take the photos outside in different light, or indoor at night.  After taking many pictures, I then select five for viewing . I do not have Photshop, I use a free program called GIMP.  I typically will use a “grey scale” card while editing. the grey scale card allows you to adjust the color. Theoretically, using the grey scale card will turn everything to its true color. After editing, the photos are added as a new listing on ETSY.  Then my wife will review the photos and make suggestions on changes. For any one item I will take from one to two hours.   Sometimes however I make a big goof. Recently my wife came to me and said the pictures are great, BUT. I had taken pictures of the backside of a necklace instead of the front side. So back to the drawing board. Please visit my wife’s shop at   Note: Lucky and Sammy are my wife’s cats. The cats tolerate me, but love my wife, and I am the one who feeds them and changes their litter.  Have a great day.


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