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Tucson Skies

Tucson Sky

Tucson Sky

I stepped out of our front door and saw this beautiful sky. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon. The picture was taken with my iphone is not retouched. I love the sunny Tucson skies. I really do not like cloudy weather. Most of the time our skies are completely clear of clouds. There are almost no vapor trails. You never see clouds “move” like you do in other parts of the country. They just sort of are “there”.  Then the clouds just sort of disappear.  This is the “monsoon” season in Tucson. In the late afternoon clouds appear and if you are lucky it will rain. It can be raining fiercely a few blocks from you but you are getting no rain. It is very patchy.  The total yearly rainfall is about twelve inches. Half of it in the monsoon season, the rest in the Winter. This time of year, you may see people with an umbrella, but it is to keep the sun out. When it rains, most people just keep about their business. If you get wet, it is likely that it will dry off very quickly. On occasion there are microbursts. These are wind gusts that are straight down. Microbursts topple telephone poles and other things. Once again, it can be at your house, but not your neighbors.  There are no rain sewers in Tucson. So if there is a lot of rain, it runs down the road. We are at the intersection of two roads that are slightly downhill from the downtown. When it rains hard, it is common for use to see two inches or more of rain rapidly running down the road. It then runs off behind our house onto a main road. Last year, they put rain sewers near our steet. So now we get half the rain in the street we used to. With the first big rain this year, the sewer grates became clogged with the debris from six months without rain and the grates did not work. My husband was out in the rain unclogging the grates. Well, enough about weather. Wether it rains or not, consider visiting LuckySammyJewelry.

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