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On 20 August of each year, Tucson celebrates it birthday. Tucson was founded in 1775 by Lt. Col Hugh O’Conor, an Irishman. No, Ireland did not claim the land, Hugh was working for the Spanish. And yes, the location was also the location of a native American settlement. This area was the northern boundary of the Spanish Empire. Our neighborhood serves cake to a couple of hundred people at the  Presidio San Augustin del Tucson. The historical society actually handle s the event, the neighborhood just shows up, cuts and serves cake for 200-300 people. A couple of interesting facts/events happen at the event. The invocation is a traditional blessing by a member of Tohono O’odham Nation. He goes around the entire Presidio compound and blesses everyone there. He uses eagle feathers. It reminds me of a Catholic Mass where they go around and bless people with holy water.  It is a moving part of the event. Another interesting fact is the number of flags which have flown over Tucson: Tohono O’odham Nation;Pasqua Yaqui Nation; Spanish;Mexican; United States 28 Star;Confederate;Arizona;American Flag. Remember, the only reason Tucson is part of the United States is so the all weather railroad could be built to California. Mexico sold the land to the United States because they did not think it was worth much.  So happy birthday Tucson, and if you need a gift for the event next year consider a gift from LuckySammy Jewelry. As a side note, I took the cats to the vet yesterday for their checkup. Sammy was not happy. He has an eye infection and needs eye drops. Yesterday he was totally uncooperative. Today, having given him lots of treats, he tolerates the drops.  Lucky as you know passed away a couple of years ago and we now have MeeMee. The two cats are not yet friends even though they have been together for awhile. Sammy wants to be friends but MeeMee does not.  It is only recently that they will be on the same floor of the house at the same time. They will take treats from me at the same time. MeeMee likes to drink water from the tub.  Sammy spends a lot of time at our cat water station.  Yes we have a little cat water station. Cats like to drink from running water.  So it is a little fountain.  MeeMee will also sleep in the tub.


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