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A ballot initiative to ban red light cameras

A ballot initiative to ban red light cameras

Red light cameras don’t really have anything to do with swimming but it is a catchy title. At Tucson’s birthday last week this gentleman was getting signatures for a ballot initiative.  Today, I resumed swimming. I always feel so much better when I can go swimming. I swim for an hour and then do about 40 minutes in the therapy pool. Tucson has a really nice swimming facility next to the zoo. There is an in-door therapy pool and a very large outdoor pool, that is covered with looks like a huge teepee. The teepee starts about eight feet off the ground so you walk under it to get into the pool. The outdoor pool has a unique feature. A section of the pool is in the shape of the letter “C”. This section of the pool has a current. A lot of people who are recovering from ailments use this section of the pool to start their rehab.  There is also a small group of regulars who are in this section of the pool daily, even when the outside temperature is twenty degrees. Yes, the outside pool is heated to about 80 degrees. I have been sick lately. I had the flu with a cough that I could not shake. I was very weak. The doctor has tested me for valley fever. In addition, my hands have been extremely sore. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I started taking methatrexate pills which gave me severe nausea. I then switched to methatrexate injections. It seems to be working. My hands are tolerable so I can make jewelry and no nausea. My husband has been doing all the chopping of vegatables etc, but my hands are now well enough that I can resume chopping vegetables.  Enough of the poor me, it feels great to be back to near normal. Have a great day and remember LuckySammyJewelry. 


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