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Me, my new chair using the Marudai

Me, my new chair using the Marudai

I had my birthday yesterday. My husband gave me a semi-fancy office chair.  I do kumihimo braiding and use a device called a Marudai. In the photo you can see me but not my chair. I am in the middle of braiding a new necklace. My back had been killing me sitting in a normal chair. So the chair is an office chair that moves in about every direction you can imagine. With the chair I can braid for long periods of time.  See LuckySammy Jewelry. I had a great birthday, the neighbors came over at night and my husbands friend came down from Globe Arizona (copper mining). The people represented people from Chile, Minnesota, Pennsylvania etc. The couple across the street brought their three year old daughter who came to my door with a bouquet of flowers. It was very cute. We have toys just for her.

From website:

Marudai or Braiding Stands

  • The most useful tool for Japanese braiding is a “marudai,” or mirror stand. This stand has open sides and a round top with a central hole that the work hangs through. Typically constructed of wood, the marudai allows you to use as many strands of thread as you would like for your kumihimo braid.

Threads, Weights and Bobbins

  • Kumihimo braids are traditionally crafted of silk threads; modern kumihimo may use hemp, cotton, wool, silk, or even modern novelty fibers. The braiding threads for Japanese braiding are wound onto bobbins called “tama.” The bobbins must be weighted to counter-balance the braid. Each thread for your kumihimo braid should be wound onto its own bobbin. The braid itself is pulled through the stand by a weight, or “omori.” The weight can be a large metal nut or a small bag filled with glass beads.


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