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liliesoftheVineYesterday was a great day!. I spent the day with Karen De Sousa learning how to make one of the patterns she sells. We made “Lilies on the Vine”. You can see it still on the kumihimo disk on the left. At the bottom of the picture you see the “bobbins” with the yarn. The yarn is on the outside of the disk and the completed necklace comes through the middle of the disk. Many weavers also make Kumihimo objects. It was so much fun being with nine other people who were truly interesting. The event was at a local casino in one of the meeting rooms. I had brought  a “light”; the one I use when I am making things. There were plenty of electrical outlets. Snacks, beverages, lunch were served. So you never had to leave the room.  Meanwhile my husband had lunch with his daughter and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our home. Today it is back to reality. Up at 5:00 am to swim at 6:ooam, allergy shots, etc.  I guess my birthday weekend is really over. I am still enjoying the many flowers I received. As we left the house this morning a single flower was blooming on a cactus. The sun was not up, but the flower stood tall and waved like a little white flag greeting us as we started our day. And we hope you start your day with a visit to LuckySammyJewelry. Have a great day!


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