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Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field Chicago Kathy and Mike

Wrigley Field Chicago Kathy and Mike

We just completed a long weekend in Chicago to see the Grandkids. We celebrated my husbands birthday. I had a tea party with my granddaughter and my husband played chess with our grandson. We watched our grandson’s football team. They play with just five players on a side. My stepson is the defensive coach. He said he had not realized how little seven yearolds do not know about the game. He spent the game trying to get the kids lined up. His team was massacred by the other team.  It is flag football. It was fun and like all games there were drinks and fruit afterwards.  Monday night my husband watched the Chicago Bears football game with his son.  That was special. Coming from the midwest, my husband misses watching the Midwest sports teams. They are not on TV very much in Tucson. My step-children are wonderful parents. They truly spend a lot of quality time with the kids. My Step-daughter sits down daily with them to do homework. Before homework, she plays with the kids. Our granddaughter is in all day kindergarten, and it is a long day for her. The schools really encourage reading. Both kids (kindergarten and 2nd grade) keep journals on what they read every day.  We brought a book for each grand child and we read it to them and they entered that in there journal. Our 2nd grader has a cool teaching tool on the ipad. First they listen to the story being read, then they read the story, and then there are questions they answer about the story. Both grandkids used the ipad for reading and math.  Very interesting. Well as usual, consider buying your next jewelry item at LuckySammyJewelry.


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