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Beads from Luxembourg

Beads from Luxembourg

I bought the beads in this necklace in Luxembourg. It is a simple necklace but the feel of the beads and their almost translucent nature make me feel good. For some reason, I love to touch the necklace and look at it. It stimulates my senses and at the same time gives me peace of mind. When I saw the beads for sale, they did not seem to be anything special, except I loved the color. They were for sale in a small shop; I was not even looking for beads, but there they were. As I was making the necklace, I started to become attached to their color and the feel of the beads in my hands. It happens that way sometimes when I am making a necklace. It is almost like meditating. I become lost in the beads, in their color, in there feel.  It is a very pleasant experience. It is serene and peaceful. Now when I look at the necklace, I recall the experience of making it and I feel good. Have a good day and remember LuckySammyJewelry.


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