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Etsy does not like you calling things what they are not, but I think these look like pearls (they are not)

Etsy does not like you calling things what they are not, but I think these look like pearls (they are not)

I have been busy sewing clothes for my step-daughter. She was a school teacher, but has entered the masters degree program at the the University of Arizona for nursing. Since she is paying her own way and trying to stay out of debt, I thought I would try and help. She quit teaching because of the low pay, and lack of job security. I learned how to sew from my mother and in high school. In school you started out sewing simple things but by the third year you up to sewing complete dresses. I used to sew a lot because I enjoyed it but I have not done in years. Before starting to sew again, I took my machine in for a tune-up. In the process, I looked around. They certainly have some very comprehensive sewing machines. I will keep my old machine since I understand it. After a week of sewing, I am getting back my old form. I truly enjoy making things with my hands. Whether it is jewelry or sewing or quilting. I find it extremely relaxing. You get in a zone that is hard to explain. Last night we had three trick-or-treaters. The little neighbor girl who is three was dressed as a pirate. The other two were the neighbor kids down the street. There are not many children of any age in our neighborhood. As usual, my husband and I used the occasion to overeat on candy.  I have also been My husband is behind in photographing my jewelry but the picture is one that should be for sale soon.  He spends about one to two hours a day making my creations look good.  We don’t have the best camera in the world, but we do our best. As always have a great day and consider LuckySammyJewelry. 



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