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OctoberFest at Roma Imports Tucson, AZ

OctoberFest at Roma Imports Tucson, AZ

We frequent a little Italian Deli in Tucson named Roma Imports.   For some reason, they offered a special Saturday night Octoberfest dinner.  As you can see from the picture, the store is  long and narrow. The front of the store has dairy type cases on onside and a long meat market on the other side. The back of the store is a large room with long tables and is painted orange. In a very light shadow, the orange walls have the outline of the city Florence in Italy. The store is in the middle of an industrial area in Tucson. It is always busy, and best of all it smells like a deli I remember from New York City. (I lived in the heart of the city for 15 years). I spent my junior year in college in Munich, and what I remember, the food they served Saturday night was “original” German. For example, the apple strudel was made with fine layers of dough which must have taken a long time to make. (I have made apple strudel and it takes all afternoon). Some of the items on the menu were: onion pie,sausage salad, cucumber salad, beef rouladen, Swabian dumplings. You paid in advance and there were only 45 people. You were welcome to bring your own beer/wine. It reminded me of sitting at the long table at the HaufbrauHaus in Munich. For entertainment, they had two ladies who sang and played their violins. Of course when they sang Edelweiss everyone joined in. Well have a great day, and consider LuckySammyJewelry.


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