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Library Cart Offering Free Books

Library Cart Offering Free Books

On a recent walk, I encountered this bicycle cart at the Ronstadt Bus Center. It is a cart that the library takes around town, and offers free books. My husband picked up a science fiction book. If you click on the web link, you will see that the bus center is not without controversy.  I, myself graduated from Columbia with a library degree. But somehow, I ended up staying at Columbia and working in college administration for fifteen years. I still have friends in New York and try to get back for the New York Film Festival. And speaking of films, I just saw the film Birdman, which I thought was fantastic.   (Linda Ronstadt is from the Tucson area, the bus center is named after a relative) As always, have a great day and think of LuckySammyJewelry.

Additional note on Birdman: One of the unique features in the movie was how they moved from scene to scene. In a lot of movies, they just switch from one scene to another, in Birdman, the scenes flowed from one to the other. It was as if you were walking from one room to another. Very unique


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