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Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos

Last night was the All Souls Procession. We went to the parade which is very near our house. It is usually closer to All Souls Day (2 Nov) which is mainly  a remembrance of those who have died. Mainly a Roman Catholic tradition, a full explanation can be found here.  It is a variation or Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. In Tucson, the parade started as a small event 25 years ago. Now the parade and grand finale have become quite large.  The parade is held at night. There are a few mariachi bands, a lot of groups with drums.  Several groups remembering: the people who died crossing the desert; the deaths in Palestine; the deaths caused by nuclear war/accidents (ex. Chernobyl),  pro-life supporters, etc. Mainly however, it is about families and individuals remembering loved ones. The picture above is typical. You will have a picture of the loved one, sometimes several pictures of the same person at different stages in their life. Words of remembrance. Family members will be from the just born to the old in wheel chairs. The skeleton mask in almost universal. The vast majority of paraders and many people watching the parade will have either masks or painted faces. The majority  of people have painted faces. It was a beautiful night for a parade. The weather was cool, the streets crowded, parties and music before and after the parade. As always, have a great day!……..LuckySammyJewelry


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