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One item in my  Shop located at LUCKYSAMMY.ETSY.COM

One item in my Shop located at LUCKYSAMMY.ETSY.COM

As we all know, Tuesday was Veterans Day. In Tucson there is small parade which circles our little neighborhood (El Presidio). We can actually watch the parade from our upstairs window. We do, however, watch the parade from street level. They have young cadets from the local high schools all the way through the oldest veterans. It gives us a moment of pride to see how thankful the parade watchers are when the veterans and future veterans pass in review. In addition to the the parade, the University of Arizona has a “Downtown Lecture Series”.  This year the lecture series has been about Food. From exploring the Ancient Roman diet to present day practices, food foibles and facts were presented in a series of five lectures over as many weeks. This series was held in the Restored downtown Fox Theatre.  And from my husband’s perspective the lectures are free. Last night, the lecturer showed a slide of all the current diets; one diet said eat mainly plants, the next diet said eat mainly protein. The lecturer said they all worked, for awhile. She also showed that all calories are equal, but the body does not treat them the same. For example a bottle of coke stirs up the pancreas to create insulin because of the sugar rush, while the same calories from an avocado is treated by the body in a totally different manner. She also showed that the sugar and fructose really are almost the same thing. Because gluten free is the current rage, she discussed it. She also discussed why the bacteria in your gut are important. My husband was struck by the fact that the lecture series was broadcast live to locations in Tucson and cities throughout the world. If your interested you can watch the whole series of lectures by clicking on the “Downtown Lectures Series” link. The parade was thirty yards from our house and the lecture series was within a ten minute walk. These are some of the advantages of living downtown. As always have a great day, and remember LuckySammyJewelry. 


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