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A Necklace from My Etsy shop

A Necklace from My Etsy shop

I grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm where I was active in 4-H. From there, I went on to live for many years in New York City. After a brief time in Florida, and many years in Texas, I have settled down to an active life in the Sonoran Desert. The name “LuckySammy” came from my two cats. Ever since I was a child growing up on the dairy farm, I have had cats. They bring harmony and tranquility to life.
Tucson is home to the world’s largest gem show. After attending this event for years, and going to classes offered during the show, I became interested in making jewelry. Since this initial interest, I have continued to take expert classes in Jewelry design and manufacture. I try to purchase the best materials from all over the world and I buy many items during the annual gem show. The gem show offers me the opportunity to learn about metals and stones from the worlds experts. I enjoy learning from them and from the classes available to me in the Sonoran desert.  As always have a great day….LuckySammy


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