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Sewing at the Kitchen Table

Sewing at the Kitchen Table

I have always enjoyed sewing. My mother taught me and I had several years of Home Economics in high school Long ago, home economics taught you to sew and the more years you had of home economics the more complicated were the sewing tasks. I Also enjoy quilting. Years ago, I did a lot of quilting. I still have some of the unfinished works in our “ebay” room. (short for stored items I don’t have the heart to get rid of). The quilt on our bed is an Amish quilt that is starting to come apart. So I have taken on the task of making a new quilt for the bedroom. I have become obsessed with doing it. A couple of times I have hurried and have paid the price. So far I have had to spend two days ripping it apart.  (or as I am reminded by my husband, just before a gave him a wallop, “measure twice cut once”). (it was a soft wallop). So right now, my creative mood is quilting.Have a great day, and remember LuckySammy.


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