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BraceletsI have been learning how to make new things. Recently I finished a quilt. Well, not the whole quilt. I did the front from a pattern and then sent it away to be finished. When I lived in Florida, I did a lot of quilting, but I have not done any at all for at least fifteen years. The  quilt on our bed is starting to come apart. I bought it over forty years ago at an Amish sale. We just started using it about two years ago.  We love it, but it needs work. So I will let the current quilt rest as soon as I get the finished quilt back. It is not due until April 2015. (The lady finishing it is very popular). I have also been sewing. I have been making slacks. Why, because it was a challenge. My step-daughter was complaining how her slacks never fit and she is in a nursing program and needed slacks that fit with deep pockets. So I took a pair of her old ones, cut it apart, made a pattern and made several pairs of new slacks with pockets. Pockets are not easy to make, especially deep pockets. I have also been experimenting with bracelets. They were fun to make and came out very nice. To do all this work in our small townhouse, I expanded the dining table, brought all my work, sewing machine, etc. downstairs and worked in our downstairs. It all stayed there until just before Thanksgiving.  Now to decorate the house for Christmas.  Well have a great day and consider LuckySammyJewelry.

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