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El Presidio Neighborhood         Tucson Arizona

El Presidio Neighborhood
Tucson Arizona

This is a picture of my neighborhood. My husband took the picture from atop the YMCA Garage which is near our home. (He was out taking his morning walk where he climbs the stairs to the top of the garage). The yellow building is the famous El Charro Restaurant. From late October to Spring, the restaurant is a favorite tourist restaurant. We eat there about one a month. During the Summer they offer a two for one coupon. Give them $50 and they give you gift certificates worth $100.  If you notice the large tall building on the top right, our home is the silver roof just below the large building. Our neighborhood is really just the lower half of the photo, but the picture shows Tucson Mountains that are on the West side of Tucson.  Recently, we went to Guatemala (more on that in a later post), there many of the houses had tin roofs and were built out of cement blocks. My husband kept saying “it is just like our neighborhood”. Many of the houses on our street have tin roofs.

braclet braclet2Yes, I love shiny, sparkly things. This bracelet took a long time make but I loved working on it. The base is peyote stitched copper bugle beads and seed beads. The base is embellished with 9 different Swarovski glass pearls in shades of gold, ivory and copper. A gold toned magnetic clasp makes this easy on and off. The bracelet is 8¾ inches long and weighs approximately 2 ounces. This bracelet is over the top and might be perfect for you if you love a little bling.  Have a great day from LuckySammyJewelry.


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