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Samsung Smart TV

Photo (fair use) from Samsung Ad

Photo (fair use) from Samsung Ad

We recently bought a new “smart” TV. We did not know what that meant, we bought it because it was the biggest tv we could fit in the “nook” in our living room. Our “nook” is under the stairs that leads to the upstairs. It is not that big, 40 some inches, but it fit just right. I got a good deal. Someone returned this TV so I saved hundreds of dollars.  Being a “smart” TV means you can connect the TV to the Internet. We did that and we discovered that the original owners userids and passwords word still in the TV. So we could watch Amazon Prime, Netflex, etc. using some other persons information. We reset the TV to the original settings and then loaded our own Amazon and Netflex userids/passwords. My Husband wrote an email to the original owner since we had his userid, but we never heard back. The picture above is from the bottom of an advertisement, but it looks like the bottom or our TV. With all the choices available, I guess you could eliminate your cable/direct TV. We are very happy with the picture and the closed caption feature, which is why we bought the TV is a lot bigger letters and we can easily read them on the screen. BIG WARNING: If you have a lot of things attached to your TV (ex speakers etc.) The connections on the back of some TVs are optical. That means you need to buy an optical to old fashioned connector to use your speakers. We bought ours at Radio Shack and the Radio Shack showed us exactly what to do since he had the same problem.


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