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the look on her face says "you know I don't like my picture taken."

the look on her face says “you know I don’t like my picture taken.”

This entry is from the artisans spouse. I was sitting in the living room and I noticed my wife was starting to setup a Kumihimo necklace on the Marudai. I wish I had a video of all the different faces she makes as she is setting up. The photo  is a picture of her as she discovers I was taking pictures of her.  It is a look of disapproval. I know from experience to stay out of her way as she sets up her marudai. I best not talk to her, or get within a few feet of her while she is in the zone. The “bag” in the middle of the marudai is filled with heavy stones to weigh down the necklace. I think she adds or subtracts marbles to change the weight of the braid that will form in the middle of the marudai. I have seen her use big “washers” (from the hardware store). She seems to be always changing what she uses for weights. I do not pry. The bobbins she is using are a hard wood, I think maple. The marudai is also made of a hard wood.  There are all kinds of marudai. I think my wife has three marudai. There are also lots of different types of bobbins, either plastic of wood.  Kumihimo is made using several types of devices. The two most common devices are a wood marudai or a foam disk. Just search marudai or kumihimo disk and you will see many types.. From the look on her face, I think this is going to be a complex braid. Her comment yesterday, after she had made a big mistake was “you don’t know a braid until you can take it apart”.  Anyway, look at for her work in Kumihimo and other jewelry.

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