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blackoval boli circle frontviewonstand lyingflat overheadfullview Saraguro Triangles Beaded Collar


Remembering San Miguel de Allende

onstand2I made this piece when I was researching South American bead work, but it reminds me of when we were in San Miquel de Allende earlier this year. I took a week long kumihimo class. It was a great group of people in the class. They were from all over the United States. San Miquel is a quiet little place which is a great place to relax and see Mexico as it may have been two hundred years ago. We were there during the first week of Lent. (Lent is the 40 days Christians remember the death of Jesus). There were many ceremonies related to Lent. These ceremonies are for the local populace and are not oriented toward tourists. At the end of the week, there was a large ceremony where local early American dancing groups competed with and against each other in the town square. Once again this ceremony was oriented toward local people rather than tourists.  The American Library organizes house tours on Sunday for a vary reasonable price.  Each week there are different houses. We toured modernistic artists home high on the hill to small estates.  The town is hilly, so you take a taxi up hill and walk down. Taxis were reasonably priced and even when you paid to much, it was still reasonable. Since I was in class most of the day, my husband would go out “exploring”.  After class, we would then go out together to see the places my husband “discovered”.

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See to Night

Black and Gold Beaded Necklace

Black and Gold Beaded Necklace

Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight

I remember sitting with my mother outside at night and she would recite this nursery rhyme to me.It is a good memory. If you would like to create a new memory, visit LUCKYSAMMYJEWELRY.

Carnelian Beads and Clasp

Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted

Kumihimo is the Japanese form of braid making. The most prominent historical use of the cords was by samurai as both a functional and decorative way to lace their and their horses’ armor. Kumihimo cords are now used as ties on jackets and obijimes, which are used for tying on an obi or kimono sash. They also make beautiful necklaces.

The 8-cord beaded braid is made from round carnelian beads and features a beautiful clasp featuring two decorative leaf shapes. The necklace is 30 inches long and the findings are gold plated metal. The glass end caps are from Sonoran Beads. Buy this at Lucky Sammy Jewelry

Saraguro Ecuador Necklace

Not my original design. My husband says I am obsessed with making this necklace.  It is very challenging, which I like.

Not my original design. My husband says I am obsessed with making this necklace. It is very challenging, which I like.

I am now making one of the most complicated necklaces that I have ever made.  For information on the design and the people visit this website

Thank you for visiting LuckySammyJewelry.



Cindy Pankopf – A Bubble Bracelet


The bracelet I made at this class.

I usually make necklaces, but I am expanding my jewelry line to include bracelets, earrings, and items such as rosaries.  At the Gem Show, I enrolled in a bracelet workshop taught by Cindy Pankopf.  Please visit her website, her work is fantastic. The workshop was listed as a Beginner Plus workshop, but once again, you learn so much more.  The camaraderie that you develop with the instructor and the other students keeps inspiring you.  To quote from the class introduction, “Beautiful bubbles of boro are what this class is all about. …The chunky style makes a bold statement while the large beads make it stich up quickly.  A jumbo drop bead makes a beautiful, easy button-style closure”  I enjoyed making this bracelet because I could envision many ways to use the techniques and the possibilities for future bracelets.

On a personal note, I stubbed my toe and broke it. My husband has been a saint and has been my chauffer taking me to the many shows and classes.

Thank you LuckySammyJewelry.

Jewelry Photography

Necklace with braiding and Natural Stones

Many of the pendants and stones used in my Jewelry at LuckySammy.Etsy.Com have interesting facets and patterns. This is one of the things I like about working with stones and pendants. I love the radiant colors that show off different features in different lighting.  In addition, the kumihimo braiding I use with many of these stones is usually multicolored. My husband does the photography for my jewelry. He goes to great pains to make sure that the colors represent the jewelry.  Sometimes, it takes hours to come up with a good set of pictures. Some items are photographed indoors using a variety of lighting. Other items are photographed outside using more natural lighting. The necklace in this web post was especially hard to photograph. The many colors in both the kumihimo and the many colors in the stones were hard to capture.

As usual, please consider buying your jewelry from LuckySammy.Etsy.Com.