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As you know, I make Jewelry because I enjoy the process. It is meditative, and keeps me centered in life. I also sell the jewelry I make. The items range in price from $15 to several hundred dollars. Most items take several days to complete other items take weeks to complete. My husband says that while making jewelry I am in a “zone”, not to be interrupted by small things like eating or even chatting.¬† I am having a sale of my jewelry 25 % off all items. Please visit my website and consider purchasing an item for your enjoyment. Below are pictures of two of my items.


Fifteen Dollars


This necklace required several weeks to complete


Tucson: Noon Walk

Downtown tucson at noon

Date Night

We love going to the University of Arizona dance recitals

Mural in Dunbar Spring Neighborhood

As I have said before, Dunbar Spring  is interesting. A mural on the side of a building.

Morocco Kings palace 

Old kings palace. Something unusual. A stained glass window (Marrakesh)

Merrakesh Morocco

Recent trip to morocco. Dancing at party

Tucson Barrio Anita

Morning walk