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New Bracelets

I have been taking many classes this Summer, and lately I have been using what I learned to make new things. Here are some of the bracelets I am creating. they use Swarovski crystals.


Murals of Barrio Anita

Barrio Anita is a place of hidden beauty

Daisy Mae Restaurant 

  • The walls are covered with dollar bills. The dollar bills have writing on them. Some people spell out messages or names over several dollar bills. Ribs and steaks are great. 


The drink not the country. Very popular in Tucson.

New braclet

I have been taking classes all summer. Here is one of the items I have made using my new knowledge.

Tucson is a bicycle City


We live near several small mountains, we will see as many as 50 riders at time going to the mountain

The Light Blue/Aqua are bicycle stands

A pedestrian and bike street crossing

The best 23 miles of Mexican Food in the United States you can get Mexican food representing all parts of Mexico



Taking classes all week