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Taking classes all week

I am getting ready to travel to Tacoma  Washington and take kumihimo classes by world famous instructors. Students are coming from all over the world. This is a big deal. Sort of the super bowl of kumihimo, I bought Madurai a few years ago. It disassembles. I am practicing with it to


get the “feel”.

There is not a burst of color after the dessert monsoons, but beauty speaks to you , if you look. This flower will last one night and part of the day light hours.


Dessert Bloom

Courtesy of Zocalo Magazine (Tucson)

Courtesy of Zocalo Magazine (Tucson)

Our townhouse is built about three feet above ground level. Until recently, we were in the 100 year flood plain. Yesterday, Areas of Tucson had over an inch of rain within 30 minutes. Near us, is a railroad underpass. The photo is from Zocalo Magazine (tucson). This morning, less than 24 hours later you can only tell their was a flood by all the gravel and debris left trailing on the roadways as a reminder.

We swim every weekday at 6:00am. Afterwards, we stop for breakfast. It is always filled with workers, police, and politicians.


The sky is completely covered in clouds. It has been that way for over a day. We are thankful for the cooler temperature (mid eighties). This is very unusual in Tucson. We usually have very very few clouds.


During the monsoon season, clouds make for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Sunrise this morning. From our back porch