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Cindy Pankopf – A Bubble Bracelet


The bracelet I made at this class.

I usually make necklaces, but I am expanding my jewelry line to include bracelets, earrings, and items such as rosaries.  At the Gem Show, I enrolled in a bracelet workshop taught by Cindy Pankopf.  Please visit her website, her work is fantastic. The workshop was listed as a Beginner Plus workshop, but once again, you learn so much more.  The camaraderie that you develop with the instructor and the other students keeps inspiring you.  To quote from the class introduction, “Beautiful bubbles of boro are what this class is all about. …The chunky style makes a bold statement while the large beads make it stich up quickly.  A jumbo drop bead makes a beautiful, easy button-style closure”  I enjoyed making this bracelet because I could envision many ways to use the techniques and the possibilities for future bracelets.

On a personal note, I stubbed my toe and broke it. My husband has been a saint and has been my chauffer taking me to the many shows and classes.

Thank you LuckySammyJewelry.